Our team are buzzing after completing the Tough Mudder at Holmbush Farm on Saturday. The team were up bright and early to make their way to the 10 mile mud run comprising of 23 challenging obstacles. Each and every team member completed the course and they all made it to the finish line in true KGN style.

The team covered the course running from obstacle to obstacle in wet, muddy and seriously slippery terrain. They manoeuvred their way through each obstacle working as a team, whilst facing their own personal challenges and fears. Team leader Keegan Hargreaves was always at hand for that extra-special dose of encouragement and motivation provided in the unique Keegan way.

Amongst the obstacles, the team crawled through mud and water with barbed wire hanging ominously low before they scaled the 10 foot hero walls. They waded through muddy waters where they had to push, pull and roll their way through the Block Ness Monster. Their effortless team work saw them through the Pyramid Scheme like true professionals and the best Funky Monkey goes to Keegan who made revolving wheels look like a walk in the park.

Tired but not beaten the team conquered the Birth Canal with over 100lbs of water resting on their backs and went on to carry a sizeable chunk of wood in the Log carry. They got seriously dirty in the mud mile climbing a series of mud mounds leading into pits of water – no one was getting out clean here!

Arctic Enema ensured everyone had the biggest, baddest brain freeze after plunging through a dark tube into ice-laden water then realizing you have to duck back under to get out! And just as they thought they got to the end one thing stood in their way – a field of dangling wires ready to deliver 10,000 volts of electric shock therapy! Yep, you guessed it – That is Tough Mudder’s way of saying congratulations!

We are so proud of each and every one of the participants and it has been a pleasure training them for the event. At KGN we don’t just like to participate, we like to dominate. True to form, our KGN team didn’t just take part in Tough Mudder they took over!

Cailin & Georgia Hanging Onto One Of The Blocks On Blockness Monster At Tough Mudder South  London

Here’s what some of the team had to say after the event:

Minesh: Tough mudder 2 complete. Second time round was such a better experience for me personally, mainly because I completed it injury free but also because I felt great after. I felt much fitter throughout, never felt like giving up and coped with all the obstacles. The cold water was by far the hardest thing to deal with as parts where just brain and body numbing but that's where the fitness kicked in to run just to get warm. Keegan was a solider, made it look like a stroll in the park but never left a team member behind and help us all through it like a true leader. #kgn #smashedit #hardworkpaysoff

Emma: Having completed my first Tough Mudder in May I knew it was going to be challenging. However, I was surprised with how much easier I found this one. This is 100% down to adding in extra training sessions in the form of KGN boot camp sessions and body blast classes alongside my normal training sessions. The team all came together on the day and helped each other out completely. Keegan was amazing and done everything he could to motivate us along the way and was there to give us a hand on every obstacle. Proud to be part of the KGN Team!

Alex: Doing Tough Mudder with the KGN team was probably the most physically challenging thing I've ever done! But looking back over a series of intense training regimes I was more than prepared for it. It was an absolute pleasure to do it alongside the others especially to be able to say I did it! I completed tough mudder and conquered every obstacle!

Georgia: I hastily signed up to my first Tough Mudder without quite realising what was in store. It then dawned on me that I'd need to get some training in and so I turned to KGN Bootcamp. The training programme couldn't have been more fitting for the event in hand. It touched upon many of the different elements that we encountered and brought us closer together as a team which helped both physically and mentally on the day! Keegan carried each and every one of us through...quite literally! He continued to motivate us throughout and kept our spirits high. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the KGN team and was without doubt what made my Tough Mudder experience so enjoyable. A great day with great people.

Keegan & Salma Halfway Through The Mud Mile At Tough Mudder London 

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