Key Specialism
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Masseuse
    About Me

    think everyone is drawn to yoga for a reason or maybe yoga finds you when you need it the most. I first got into yoga 8 years ago when I joined a Bikram yoga class and something just clicked! I remember thinking ‘oh no, everyone is in crop tops! I’d never be able wear that’. Little did I know this was the start of something truly magical and something far more important than wearing a crop top. 

    With each class, over the months, I began to feel a confidence and strength that somewhere along the line I had lost. All I ever wanted to do was wake up and go to yoga! I just had to learn more! At the time I was in a corporate job, I travelled the world, kept getting promoted and I had amazing work colleagues but I always felt a bit bored and was left thinking ‘why am I even doing this?’. 

    Then with a bit of luck I came across a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training Fringe.Yoga and completed my 200hr teacher training. 

    I love to teach and bring relaxation to the world - it really needs it. Yoga really is for everyone! My classes are free-spirited, challenging and restorative all at once. 

    Whatever reason somebody has been drawn to the mat - fitness, to stretch, to de-stress, or tough situations - I hope I can share a little bit of my love for yoga with them.

    From a young age I became interested in holistic therapies and experienced their benefits helping to heal and relax the energy system of the body. I have been a qualified reiki practitioner for over 10 years and later trained in massage and crystal healing. For me massage isn't a luxury it's a necessity.