Who are we?

The PRP Clinic is run by Dr M Akbar, who’s been practising medicine for over 30 years. Caring for the well-being of people has always been a passion in his life. He has seen a lot in his medical career and something that touched him over and over again was seeing how detrimental sudden changes to one's appearance can be. This made him venture into aesthetic medicine. The possibility of improving people’s quality of life with the use of non-invasive treatments has inspired Dr M Akbar to open The PRP Clinic.

Having seen PRP immerse in the 80s he’s kept a close eye on its developments and progress through the years. The regenerative properties of this novel treatment has on joints and other tissue, fascinated him from the start, but as it was still in developmental stages he waited until it was a more established treatment before venturing into this area. 

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What is PRP?

PRP therapy is a non-invasive therapy, it involves taking your own blood and reinjecting it with different concentrations to the affected area. Thereby harnessing your body’s own regeneration mechanism to heal and regenerate specific body tissue. In recent years it has been found to be very effective to combat hair loss, thus it is now established as a new hair loss therapy.

Medical trials have reported an increase of 37% of the amount hair growing per cm3 and have also reported an increase in hair thickness as well as an increase of blood supply and keratin cells in the skin and hair follicles on the treated area. Results have shown to be effective even a year after the last treatments.

Medical trials have reported no side effects. This is thought to be because this treatment uses the patient's own blood platelets together with it being of a non-invasive nature.

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