1. Our accomplished personal trainers are here to support, guide and empower you through every workout. We strive to build confidence, spirit and drive within our clients so that ultimately you have the power to be in control of your own fitness journey.
  2. Offering an endless source of expertise our trainers will provide everything you need from nutritional advice and workout plans right through to practical guidance on correct form and technique.
  3. We don't believe you should wait to reach your goals before you are proud of yourself, we believe you should be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal. Our expert trainers will sculpt both body and mind to achieve an outcome that is a perfect reflection of you.
  4. Everyone knows their limitations. At KGN we will make it possible for you to defy them.


Owner, founder and personal trainer Keegan Hargreaves was born and raised in South Africa. Keegan's parents moved his family to England at 7 and it is here where he discovered his passion for sport and fitness. From the age of 8 Keegan played basketball, football and rugby and also went on to swim and run for his county. 

For the past 2 years Keegan has been regularly training and competing as an amateur boxer. Keegan's passion is fitness; he has not only played and participated in a variety of sports but has excelled in those he has competed in.

Since high school he has had the natural ability to successfully help, train and coach those around him, be that friends, family or colleagues. Those taken under Keegan's guidance quickly started noticing great results. And this is where the idea for KGN was born.

Health and fitness is a natural environment for Keegan. An environment he is comfortable in, an environment he excels in and an environment where he enjoys helping others reach their full potential. 

A self-motivated, pleasant and down to earth individual. Keegan is a qualified young professional ready and willing to make a real change for those looking to implement long lasting health and fitness lifestyle changes. 

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