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We are here to create our own community, a KGN community, where everyone is given a solid opportunity to improve their health and fitness. We understand each fitness journey is unique to the individual but every single process requires hard work and dedication and this is where we will serve to unite those on this journey together, to help get this community fitter and stronger.

We recognise there are already plenty of barriers that prevent people from exercising, one major factor being cost. We believe getting fit doesn't have to be expensive. When it comes to our unlimited classes membership, KGN has re-written the rules so you can train with confidence knowing you are getting incredible value for your money. No matter your age or fitness levels we can help you achieve your goals. Our strength and fitness classes are now open to everyone.

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 KGN Classes Timetable


A no fuss weights workout focusing on strength training and muscle bulking. Using proven methods and techniques, our instructors will guide you with the correct form helping you build up the load. This weights based class will provide resistance to your muscles helping you chisel and define your physique. Incorporating hypertrophy training, Bulk predominantly focuses on the upper body and will help build metabolism boosting muscle ensuring you leave feeling challenged, pumped, lean and strong.


A 30 min blitz to get in that lunchtime shred. Bodyshox delivers a blast of cardio and conditioning for a full on high energy workout. Moving at speed engages super fast twitch muscles which send signals to the brain engaging the pituitary gland releasing human growth hormones speeding up both muscle building and fat burning. A triple whammy, more muscle, less fat and little science lesson all in your lunch break! At KGN you can have it all.  

Body Blast

An all over body workout incorporating a combination of strength training and aerobic conditioning. The class focuses on plyometrics to increase speed, performance and strength as well as elements of HIIT to keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. At KGN we place emphasis on a constantly varied routine so you never what to expect and each class is different from the next. We cover high intensity functional movements as well as cardiovascular endurance along with working on your stamina, flexibility, co-ordination and agility. At KGN we want to maximise your performance and fitness to ensure you are ready for any physical challenge or activity. Join the Body Blast class to get yourself into peak physical condition.

BodyZen (women only) 

A female-focused workout incorporating a series of moves intended to tighten and tone your muscles. This class is designed with particular emphasis on the lower half targeting the legs, glutes and abs. BodyZen provides a full body aerobic workout resulting in increased stamina and endurance as well as improved flexibility and mobility. A class suitable to all fitness levels which will leave you highly energised. BodyZen is the class for anyone looking to get toned and grow the derrière, you will leave with leaner legs, a plumper peach and a toned tummy. What’s not to like!

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