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We are here to create our own community, a KGN community, where everyone is given a solid opportunity to improve their health and fitness. We understand each fitness journey is unique to the individual but every single process requires hard work and dedication and this is where we will serve to unite those on this journey together, to help get this community fitter and stronger.

We recognise there are already plenty of barriers that prevent people from exercising, one major factor being cost. We believe getting fit doesn't have to be expensive. When it comes to the ultimate fitness package, KGN has re-written the rules so you can train with confidence knowing you are getting incredible value for your money. No matter your age or fitness levels we can help you achieve your goals. Our strength and fitness classes are now open to everyone.

The best just got affordable.


Initial sign up fee: £45
This includes free:

Join not only our unbeatable classes but our KGN Training community as well here.

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