KGN's passion for health and fitness is more than just mere enthusiasm and excitement. We are committed to putting as much heart, mind, body and soul into making positive lifestyle changes, as humanly possible. More importantly we want to make a positive and long lasting impact on the community around us. At KGN we pledge to materialise our ambition into action and this in itself sets us apart from the rest.


Personal training

 Whether you are looking to get stronger, master a skill, make fitness a part of your routine or train for an event we will ensure you go the distance. Our Personal Training will help you adjust and adapt whilst remaining focused on the end goal. 


We are here to create our own community, a KGN community, where everyone is given a solid opportunity to improve their health and fitness. We understand each fitness journey is unique to the individual but every single process requires hard work and dedication and this is where we will serve to unite those on this journey together


We introduce to you KGNVE a new luxe sportswear brand catered for a lifestyle of effortless chic and absolute comfort. Our range of clothing and accessories incorporate subtle yet distinctive detailing, attaining the 'look good - feel good' factor. KGNVE, because life is too short to blend in.


Our accomplished personal trainers are here to support, guide and empower you through every workout. We strive to build confidence, spirit and drive within our clients so that ultimately you have the power to be in control of your own fitness journey.

Offering an endless source of expertise our trainers will provide everything you need from nutritional advice and workout plans right through to practical guidance on correct form and technique.

We don't believe you should wait to reach your goals before you are proud of yourself, we believe you should be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal. Our expert trainers will sculpt both body and mind to achieve an outcome that is a perfect reflection of you.

Everyone knows their limitations. At KGN we will make it possible for you to defy them.


KGN studio is a private training facility located in Buckhurst Hill. It is easily accessible from nearby destinations such as Chigwell, Epping, Loughton and East London. 

Our custom made boutique studio is open 7 days a week. Designed to fully cater to our customers needs, we have carefully selected the best equipment and designed fitness classes with proven results. KGN studio provides an inclusive atmosphere for all fitness levels and a variety of exercise goals. Wether you are a gym newcomer or a seasoned athlete there is a place for everyone at KGN.

KGN studio members will have access to;

- Group exercise classes running 6 days a week catering to all fitness levels 

- Custom fitness programmes

- Nutritional plans 

- Protein supplements / Meal prep 

- 1-2-1, 2-2-1 & small group personal training sessions

- Specialist training equipment such as the KO8 resistance trainer and the Training-Wall

- A new luxe sportswear brand KGNVE

- A helpful, friendly and knowledgeable team here to help you along every step of your journey.




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