Keegan Hargreaves

CEO and Head Coach

Specialises in body transformations and lifestyle changes

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Owner and founder Keegan Hargreaves was born and raised in South Africa. Keegan's parents moved his family to England at 7 and it is here where he discovered his passion for sport and fitness. From the age of 8 Keegan played basketball, football and rugby and also went on to swim and run for his county.

For the past 2 years Keegan has been regularly training and competing as an amateur boxer. Keegan's passion is fitness; he has not only played and participated in a variety of sports but has excelled in those he has competed in.

Since high school he has had the natural ability to successfully help, train and coach those around him, be that friends, family or colleagues. Those taken under Keegan's guidance quickly started noticing great results. And this is where the idea for KGN was born.

Health and fitness is a natural environment for Keegan. An environment he is comfortable in, an environment he excels in and an environment where he enjoys helping others reach their full potential.

A self-motivated, pleasant and down to earth individual. Keegan is a qualified young professional ready and willing to make a real change for those looking to implement long lasting health and fitness lifestyle changes.

Caroline Juniper

Personal Trainer

Specialises in weight training and strength conditioning

Key Specialism

• Strength & Conditioning

• Weight Training

• Fat Loss & Weight Management

About Me

Before becoming a personal trainer, I was always training, it became such a great feeling getting results for myself. I then decided that I would love to help others achieve what I had achieved. 

My favorite type of training is weight training as it's a great way of becoming toned and strong. I support and encourage all of my clients from start to finish, with their individual goals in mind, no matter what ability they are. Seeing progress is so satisfying for me and to see my clients grow in confidence is a great pleasure.

Lois Kane

Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist

Specialises in Yoga and Massages inc. sports, relaxation and lymphatic drainage

Key Specialism

• Yoga Instructor

• Masseuse

About Me

I think everyone is drawn to yoga for a reason or maybe yoga finds you when you need it the most. I first got into yoga 8 years ago when I joined a Bikram yoga class and something just clicked! I remember thinking ‘oh no, everyone is in crop tops! I’d never be able wear that’. Little did I know this was the start of something truly magical and something far more important than wearing a crop top. 

With each class, over the months, I began to feel a confidence and strength that somewhere along the line I had lost. All I ever wanted to do was wake up and go to yoga! I just had to learn more! At the time I was in a corporate job, I travelled the world, kept getting promoted and I had amazing work colleagues but I always felt a bit bored and was left thinking ‘why am I even doing this?’. 

Then with a bit of luck I came across a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training Fringe.Yoga and completed my 200hr teacher training. 

I love to teach and bring relaxation to the world - it really needs it. Yoga really is for everyone! My classes are free-spirited, challenging and restorative all at once. 

Whatever reason somebody has been drawn to the mat - fitness, to stretch, to de-stress, or tough situations - I hope I can share a little bit of my love for yoga with them.

From a young age I became interested in holistic therapies and experienced their benefits helping to heal and relax the energy system of the body. I have been a qualified reiki practitioner for over 10 years and later trained in massage and crystal healing. For me massage isn't a luxury it's a necessity.

Connor Peters

Personal Trainer &
Professional International Footballer

Specialises in sports and strength conditioning and plyometrics

Key Specialism

• Sports Specific Conditioning

• Plyometrics

• Strength & Conditioning

About Me

Having played football at a professional & international level, I have been lucky enough to experience elite training & conditioning. I have enjoyed working with top trainers and coaches, gaining knowledge which I can pass onto professional and aspiring athletes.

Having seen what it takes to perform at an elite level, I will be helping athletes fine tune their  bodies enabling them to do the same. My aim is to help athletes reach the peak of their performance, providing training plans detailed specifically to their sport.

I do also offer fat loss and nutrition programmes to those looking to either make a change to their physique, or maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Patrick Sandy

Personal Trainer & Professional Boxer

Specialises in military style and intense circuit training

Key Specialism

• Strength & Conditioning

• Boxing Conditioning

• Lifestyle Coach

About Me

Not for the faint hearted! Military style training but with all the fun! With 50 years of experience, training stars and athletes, there is nothing I can't help you achieve!

I started my professional fighting career at the age of 17, and have used my passion and expertise in this field to further my career as a personal trainer. My background in boxing allows me to condition my clients and install them with both mental and physical strength as well as lots of body confidence. 

I specialise in intense circuit training and like to make sure all my clients work up a real sweat. All my sessions are gruelling and vigorous but you will quickly notice the difference and feel the improvements.