10 years ago I got married and weighed in at 12 stone, felt great, fit and healthy. 9 years on and 5 stone heavier! I felt unfit, depressed, stressed, ugly, was binge eating and was miserable. I was struggling playing football with my son and friends, I even had my wife tell me how fat I'd become which put her off. I was buying clothes that were massive, not to mention the doctor having a word or two.
Then I meet the one and only Keegan. It was a big thing for me to even enquire. It was intimidating and embarrassing but I knew I had to do something. When I meet Keegan he instantly made me feel welcome, listened to what I wanted to achieve and started telling me how to achieve it. He was professional, very friendly, funny and instantly motivated me.
So the journey began, twice a week PT sessions. It was hard, really hard but Keegan knew how far to push me. He tested me to run a mile as quickly as possible, it took me 16/17 minutes. It hit home how bad things where but Keegan wrote up a plan for me in my own personal folder with diet plans, workout plans plus more. All I had to do is do it. 
8 months on! I'm now at the gym 5 days a week and even doing double sessions on some days. I can run a mile in under 7 minutes and I've even done tough mudder with the KGN team which was a massive achievement for me personally. I'm now down 3.5 stones lighter and 1.5 stone away from where I want to be. 
I now feel fit and healthy, my confidence is growing, I'm eating well, a lot less stressed and my Wife's even said I'm looking good. Without meeting Keegan god knows where I'd be or how big I'd be for that matter. For me this guy has literally been a god send. He's saved and changed my life for the better and not only do I feel good but he's proven that hard work pays off and it's never too late for someone to change themselves. As a bonus I've also made a friend for life. #kgn4life #thejourneycontinues

Minesh Takkar fat loss testimonial & motivational story about his transformation & weight loss journey

Minesh Takkar fat loss testimonial & motivational story about his transformation & weight loss journey


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