Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

To get abs you need to make sure you are following a tailored plan with calculated macronutrients. The right percentage of protein, fats and carbs are required for you to meet your goal.

Eat Fat To Get Rid Of Fat

Alongside 2-3 high intensity circuits a week no longer than 20 mins to increase fat burn, feed your muscle with healthy fats and protein such as salmon, eggs and avocado.

Rest & Recovery

Working your abs first will fatigue them and you won't get the same benefits from compound exercises like squats and deadlifts which primarily build your abs. Leave ab exercises to the end of your session three times a week with rest days in-between.

The Fantastic Four

Your abs are made up of 4 muscles; transverse, rectus abdominals, external obliques and internal obliques. Make sure you workout each muscle individually for overall abs.