At KGN we want to inspire you to be the best you can be.  Let’s face it getting started is usually the hardest part, finding that motivation, focus and confidence to take the first step is usually the biggest challenge. So we have put together some simple steps and advice to help you get started on your fitness journey and achieve your goals.


Many people think their dream body is just that - a dream.  What if we told you it’s not, it’s time to get motivated and make it a reality. We all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and lacking self-confidence and sometimes end up using this as an excuse not to train.  You won’t gain self-confidence just talking about it sitting front of the TV. So instead find out what motivates you, even if it’s something small like a picture of that girl/guy in the magazine, an item of clothing that you love but just can’t squeeze into anymore or generally just a healthier lifestyle. Find out what motivates you and put together some health and fitness goals in order to achieve a more happier, healthier and confident you.


Focus on yourself and your own goals. We all have different body shapes and sizes and similarly we all have different goals. Some will find it easier to achieve their goals whilst others may have to work a little harder but this is where you need to focus on yourself – your goals, your effort and your achievements. Once you get your focus and start seeing changes you won’t be worried about what everyone else looks like and you will have the confidence and motivation to go even further. Set yourself a goal, really focus on it and you will automatically find the drive and determination to reach it.


Sometimes it’s a case of we know what we have to do, we are equipped with the knowledge and information we just need the confidence to put it into practice. Whilst many people know what exercises to do to achieve their weight loss goals they just don’t feel confident in their fitness levels or they lack self-belief telling themselves there is no way they could make it through a whole exercise class. If this is you then just remember we all have to start somewhere and by pushing yourself and making it through that first class you are already that little bit closer to achieving your goals and increasing your fitness levels. No one regrets hard work or leaves the gym wishing they hadn’t pushed through a workout but many of us regret those days where we were too lazy and didn’t make it to the gym.


Now that you are raring to go, here’s a few more practical tips on getting started:


  • Go with a friend or family member – some people feel more comfortable having a friendly face around for that extra encouragement. If it is your first time in the gym or you haven’t been in a long time then go with a regular gym user who can give you some pointers and help you through a routine. Most gyms offer day passes or have a ‘bring a friend for free’ promo so even if you are not a member of the same gym you can still go.


  • Take advantage of promotional offers – Most gyms offer free induction days with a staff member, so similar to going with a friend bur probably a lot better as the fitness instructor will be fully qualified to show you how to use all the machines and gym equipment and will be able to tailor this to suit your fitness goals. You can also take advantage of their knowledge and ask them questions about things you might not be too sure of, for example, what cardio is best for fat burning? How many reps/sets should I be doing? What stretches are best for certain muscle groups


  • Plan Ahead – To get the most out of your workout its best to have an idea of what you want to get out of each session, having a plan will avoid you wandering around aimlessly working out what to do next. Write down your workout in advance, it can be as extensive or as basic as you want, even a few notes/exercise’s jotted down on your phone will help provide you with some structure. For workout ideas and help on what’s best for your goals you can use blog posts, Instagram profiles, or just simple advice from others. The KGN Instagram page is full of ideas Instagram profile and we also offer personalised plans


  • Attend a class or group session – This is one the best and easiest ways to add some fun and boost your workout routine. It will also help with motivation as everyone in the class is working together. Best of all you get to hand over the power to an instructor who will conduct your entire workout allowing you totally focus on yourself and work to your full potential without worrying about if you are doing the exercises correctly or not as they will be there to guide you through. Classes are also a great way to meet new people and add that all important social aspect to your workout regime. Why not get started and book a KGN class